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The Kim Sacks Gallery was established in 1987. It was established by Kim Sacks who up till that time had obtained a Masters Degree in Ceramics and Glass from the Danish School of Design. She had been out of South Africa traveling and studying craftspeople and their traditions all over the world. She returned to South Africa determined to create and establish a space in Johannesburg which would promote and exhibit the work of Southern African Craftspeople and Makers. This she did and this center has been a thriving meeting place for artists, craftspeople, South Africans from all over the country, as well as overseas visitors and curators of museums and galleries in every corner of the planet.

She also established the Kim Sacks school of Ceramics, which is a wonderful environment where the study of working with clay is undertaken. Whether somebody wants to attend part-time pottery courses, or they want to join a full time training programme, which gives a person a thorough education and working knowledge of a pottery studio and everything that is needed in the production of hand-made and wheel-thrown pottery, all this is possible in this unique, personal environment.

The Yeoville property is regularly described as Johannesburg's oasis. It is a little planet filled with textures, colours and treasures celebrating the creativity of craftspeople from all over the African Continent as well as from all over the world. Approximately 1500 South African craftspeople are represented by the Kim Sacks Gallery. They range from Potters, Wood Sculptors, Weavers, Textile Printers. Silver Smiths, Metal workers and Furniture Makers. (Just to name a few…)

We also pride ourselves on a library of books on Ceramics, Culture, and Textiles.

Visitors and researchers are always welcomed and usually offered a cup of delicious tea and a respite from the chaos of the city environment.

Phone the craft center for opening times.

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